RV50 admin not accessible via different vlan


Hi, I have the RV50 updated to ALEOS 4.9.3, build 002. It is used for testing SMS messaging.

But ever since we put it in a different VLAN than the computers accessing it, it doesn’t respond (Admin screen)

Lets say this device is in and we are trying to access it’s IP from, which goes via a router. The router is forwarding the http request, but the RV50 can’t route back because the RV50 admin screen has no place to detail a “default gateway” (our router… not the RV50). So it thinks is external and sends the response out cellular network.

Is there any way to let the RV50 know that another VLAN/subnet exists and what the default gateway is to reach it?

Thanks in advance. As I can’t tell by the manual what option to use.


The reason the RV50 doesn’t respond to your network is because it has no path to that network in its internal route table. By the very nature of the device as a “cellular” router, it will send all traffic it doesn’t know a path to out the cellular interface, as you have seen.

I have not personally needed to do this, but you should look at the LAN tab, Host Port Routing option. It appears you can add static routes to 2 other subnets out the LAN (ethernet) port.


Thank you @pek for your suggestion. Yes, I agree on no internal route table being the cause.

It seems I have to turn on “Proxy ARP (Primary Gateway)” in order for those settings to take. And since this Raven is not the primary gateway, this would cause disaster on that VLAN, answering ARPs meant to be answered by the actual primary gateway router of our network.

I also tried defining VLANS from this RV50, but still can’t access from those VLANs.

Maybe they just don’t support customization of static routing tables?


If you have another router behind the RV50, perhaps you just need to put the RV50 into IP Passthrough mode and let your other router make all the routing decisions.


Thank you for trying @pek, but that’s unfortunately not a solution either.

This device is only used for testing it’s cellular connection’s SMS and voice capabilities. And a firewall to protect against WAN to LAN traffic. All other ALEOS router features are unnecessary. It’s just a device on the network, nothing more. Bummer it can’t just have an option to list a default gateway for the subnet it is in… like 98% of Ethernet enabled devices in the world… even cheap home routers.