How to setup static routing so I can ping on another subnet?

Hello All, I have been having difficulties with the airlink router and pinging another subnet. Currently, the airlink router is connect to a machine that is on a different subnet then the main subnet we use. I have been trying to use to use host port routing so I can define the gateway of the main subnet on the Airlink web interface. However, pinging still does not work, I either get request timed out or host is unreachable. I am quickly running out of ideas. Any Ideas of what’s happening?

Thanks in advanced.

HI @jmorris ,
Please try to take a look at the topic. It can help. Tell me if you have any concerns

Hi @Vianney ,

Thanks for your help on this.

The only problem, the main purpose of this is to use it with cellular internet. So I know that complicates things. I understand what’s happening with the discussion you sent but how would I be able to access the ACE manager over cellular internet? Maybe a similar process of the one you sent?

Hi @jmorris ,
If you have a public IP cellular from your carrier then you can remotely access ACE manager by setting remote access as below