Remote access to device through RV50


I am attempting to remotely access a device through an RV50 that is assigned a static IP on the SIM. I can access the RV50 remotely right now but would like to reach the device that I have connected on the ethernet port. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @dwhitehead
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In theory, to reach to a device that is connected to the RV50’s Ethernet port, your network infrastructure must support routing from your IP address to the RV50’s ethernet IP address (it must be able to Ping each other).
Could you please help to try ping action from your host IP’s address to gateway’s IP address?


I cant ping the ethernet port. I can ping the IP that is configured on the SIM card and can remotely manage the RV50 through the internet with this IP. I guess the question is more so how the port forwarding/port address translation would need to be configured. The device that I would like to end up reaching has a http based management console that I would like to access.

Got the port forwarding set