Access LAN devices from VPN Side

Hello Everyone

I have configured OpenVPN on an RV50 and I can connect to the OpenVPN Servier. Both ends ping to each other. I can even Access the admin webpage of the RV50 from the OpenVPN Server.

I can also reach from a device on the Ethernet Port (default network to the VPN Server if I enable NAT on the advanced section of the RV50 VPN configuration.

So for that means the VPN is working as expected. Nevertheless I need to Access the computer on the LAN side from the VPN side but it looks like port forwarding doesn’t work. So I need help to see if this is possible or find a way to configure a route that will allow me to access directly the network from the VPN side. I have already added the route in the server, but this approach didn’t work either.

For your information, I’m running OpenVPN 2.4 on Windows Server 2012 R2.

I appreciate your help.

HI there, any luck solving this issue ?