RV50 and OpenVPN

Hello Guys,
I have an issue with an RV50 and OpenVPN, i´m running an OpenVPN server into a Windows server 2016 (This server is located in microsoft Azure) and the RV50 is running as an OpenVPN client, I can reach the Acemanager in the RV50 from my server, but i can not reach the LAN network in the RV50.
When i set up the OpenVPN in the RV50 all the devices in the IP/MAC table are “inactive”, but when the OpenVPN is disable all devices are “active”.
Do you have any suggestion for me?
Thank you very much.

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Have you made sure the MTU, MSSFix and Fragment settings are the same for both the RV50 and OpenVPN server? This is quite important. As well, make sure you make use of “Client Overrides” in the OpenVPN server.

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Hello Axel,
I have connection bettwen Clien and server OpenVPN, i can reach the RV50 from my server, but the LAN network of the RV50 does not reach the server.
I think that i need to add a route in my server because the server is running in Microsoft Azure , something like this (https://www.petri.com/implementing-azure-user-defined-routing), but i have not too much experience with azure so i not sure.

I am not using Azure. I am using Pfsense for OpenVPN. For sure you need a route back from the LAN to the server. This is usually achieved through a default gateway for the VPN tunnel. If it doesn’t route, then most likely you need to add static routes. I know how to do this on PFsense, but I have no experience in Azure. Good luck!

Thankyou very much Axel. I will try it.

HI mmendozacastro,

I was wondering if you were able to solve an issue ?


Which is your question or issue?

I have an MP70 is running as an OpenVPN client and I can reach the Acemanager in the MP70 from my server, (using OpenVPN assigned IP and port 9191) but I cannot reach the device connected to MP70 LAN network and running web server on port 80.

Which kind of server are you using?

Server is in AWS, Ubuntu

I’m using azure virtual server, but i think you must to add the local network from your modem into your aws Ubuntu server.