RV50 to ethernet device over cellular


I am setting up at TS-linux board that runs a config website on port 80. I can access the website using a laptop and any browser just fine. I have set up an RV50 with DMZ to the IP address of the TS-linux board. and it does show up in the IP/MAC table and says active but I cannot access the website. I tried setting up port forwarding for port 80 though it shouldn’t need it with DMZ and I tried it with the ethernet both linked and unlinked to the WAN. I also forwarded port 23 and tried to talk to the ts-linux board over telnet, which I can do with the laptop as well. The ethernet on the RV50 is configured for and the device is with the same subnet mask. The laptop is configured with and works. Does anyone have any ideas to point me in the right direction? This all seems like it should be working as configured.