Remote desktop to laptop on other side of RV50

I have a RV50 connected to a laptop and am able to successfully browse the internet/etc from the laptop, but I need to be able to Remote Desktop into this laptop from another PC. I have tried several things with no luck:
Set DMZ Host Enabled to Automatic
Enabled Port Forwarding of port 3389
In VPN section, set Incoming Out of Band to Allowed
In LAN, set IP Passthru through to Ethernet

As you can tell, I’m guessing my way through this. What am I missing? What’s the right way to do this?


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Please contact authorized distributor in SWI for your support to provide you the solution.
you can refer to below mentioned link to get the authorized distributor details.

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I need the same help. Sierra Wireless does not offer a guide on how to do this?

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@jarnold33 As an end user who puts these things in the field, this is the last thing I want to hear, and is the most frustrating answer possible. Authorized distributors suck at tech support. Here is what you get: “Let me pull up the manual”. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said “It is NOT IN THE MANUAL!! THAT’S WHY I’M CALLING!!”

I got mine working. My RV50 is connected to the computer via USB cable. Here is what I did in ACEManager:

Check the LAN page and get the IP address USBNET Interface: My “starting IP” is That is what I used on the following. And it worked.
Security Tab:
DMZ Host Enabled: Auto
Port Forwarding: Enable
Add a port:
Public start: 3389
Public End: 3389
Protocol: TCP
Host IP:
Private Port: 3389