Connect to Airlink RV50 interface through browser

Im trying connect to my RV50 ACE manager (through browser), but only using IP wont let me connect.
I used to connect before and i remember there was a different port then the default port.
how can I find it. i tried 9191 and 9443 with no success

Hi @tal.avitan,

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  1. Are you accessing the RV50 via USB or an Ethernet cable?

  2. Please share screenshots from the Device Manager, specifically from Ports and Network adapters, to check if ‘Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device’ is listed under Network adapters or if ‘Airlink USB Serial Port’ is listed under Ports.

  3. If you’re using a USB cable, have you installed the driver for the RV50? If not, please download and install the driver from the following link:

  4. If you’re using Ethernet, have you tried accessing it through this full address: