Connecting to rv50


Hi there. I just purchased a rv50 and I am trying to connect to it through the Ethernet port. I have my pc set with a static ip of I cannot connect nor ping to My network never seems to connect. I have tried doing dhcp also in case the rv is running a dhcp server and assigning an address. I am at my wits end…any ideas?

RV50 New Setups

Bumping this hoping someone may be able to shen some light on how they connect to setup their RV50.


Are you able to connect to the ACE Manager through192.168.13.31:9191 ?


You mean use ace manager and a Ethernet cable and tcp as the connection to that IP address


Yes, I just want to make sure that you can connect to the RV50


Can not connect in ace manager and can’t connect in chrome with…can’t ping it either


If you are on windows, Can I ask you something that might seem fool, try connecting it with a usb cable and make sure you are hearing the "adding device " sound. One of the devices I’ve dealt with had a hardware issue that prevented it from connecting.
First install the USB drivers and you can connect like you are using an Ethernet cable, and then we will go from there.


Thanks…I’m not sure what I did but got it working. I did a long push on the reset button as it was connected by Ethernet…then it just showed up in browser. Kind of weird.