Trouble Getting RV50X on Network after config and testing with Laptop

Have just received my Sierra RV50x and configured it for my network.
It connected via my laptop ethernet and I was able to send SMS to my phone just fine.
Plugging it in to my network - same IP Range as setup etc. - I cannot ping it and cannot do Putty SSH.
Network support team cannot see it on the network port at all.
Pulled it off and reconnected to laptop - works fine as before.
Need a hint for my Network guy.
Note - this network has an unusual Subnet of
Any ideas welcome.

Hi @djohnston,

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  1. What ALEOS version and radio module firmware is RV50X running?
  2. How have you configured the LAN Configuration section? Additionally, please provide a screenshot of the AT (Telnet/SSH) section under the Services tab.
  3. If possible, please share the log file and template file on RV50X with me.


ALEOS Software Version: 4.16.0 ALEOS Build number: 021
Device Model: RV50X
Radio Module Type: MC7455 Radio Module Identifier: GENERIC
Radio Firmware Version: SWI9X30C_02.33.03.00 r8209 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2019/08/28 20:59:30

I have configured the LAN area: as mentioned I am able to SSH to the device, and have sent texts using PUTTY over ethernet from a laptop. One thing I see that is missing in the AirLink setup is a place to enter a ‘default network gateway’, which is part of any other IP device’s configuration…I have not found where the Default Gateway should be entered.
IP 10.17…224.66 Subnet
Gateway: Where does it go? (it should be
DHCP Mode disabled.
Currently there are no logs- or so it says when I try downloading them.
Here is the SSH screenshot:

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Hi @djohnston,

In your LAN network, from which IP address are you pinging the RV50? Does it have the same subnet mask as the RV50?
Please provide the Template file from the RV50.

If you want to use it to access the internet, please refer to the WAN/Cellular tab. For more detailed information, please refer to section 4: WAN/Cellular Configuration of the AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide at the following link:


The IP address of the device is

Subnet mask for this network is

I don’t see where to put in a Gateway which should be for this subnet.

All VLANs in my building talk to this network OK.

I can ping other devices on that Network no matter where (internally) I ping from.

But it does not matter where I ping from – there is no response from the Sierra device when it is on the CISCO network.

For instance pinging from (a Server) (another server which can ping the 224.65 gateway)

cannot ping or set up an SSH connection to the Sierra Modem.

Our Cisco Engineer cannot see any reason we cannot communicate with the modem.

When the Modem is directly connected to a laptop using as a local static IP we can do whatever we wish.

Also as mentioned, we have sent SMS messages from the modem to our cell phones from the laptop using PuTTy and SSH.

We are not using a loaded template – we followed setup guidance from a community support page.

( We will be using our Ignition Server that monitors equipment in our plant to send out SMS Text alerts to Maintenance and other support, based on readings from the equipment ).

Hi @djohnston,

Please share a screenshot from the LAN > Ethernet and Wan/Cellular tabs with me.

How to obtain Template file:
Logging into the device’s ACEmanager and click on the Template button on the toolbar (near the top).
Provide any name you desire for the Template Name, and then press Download to retrieve the file.

Afterward, please provide the template file to me.