RV50X and RV55 IPSec config

I am struggling with making sense of SW’s vpn terminology and implementation. How would I configure this in a RV50X or RV55? I can get my tunnel up, but no traffic over it.

Particular settings I am confused about: IPSEC Local Termination, Local Address Type, Local Address/Subnet, Remote Address/Subnet List, Remote Address/Subnet Exemption List.

Please see attached diagram.

Hi henry.fordyce,

Your setting is LAN-to-LAN, so IPSEC Local Termination should be set to LAN. Leave Local Address Type as default. Local Address/Subnet is the IP Address or subnet behind your RV50X. Remote Address/Subnet List is the IP Address or subnet behind your VPN server. Exemption List is at which your traffic is not authenticated or encrypted or both; in this case, leave it blank.

I need to take a look at your configuration. Please share your configuration by going to ACEmanager → Template → Enter template name and download. Before sending your configuration file, you should open it and delete your sensitive info such as WAN IP, VPN server…


I just want to say thanks! Your information helped!