Unable to Ping SMS modem RV50X on Network

The RV50X SMS modem is connected to our company network on a switch. I am unable to ping it from any laptop on the same network. I am only able to ping it when its connected directly with an ethernet cable. I have tried to configure the settings as per the software instruction manual (source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/software_reference_docs/airlink-rv-series—configuration-guide/). Not sure what I am missing here. Is there any support contact who I can call to troubleshoot this?

The end goal is to connect this modem to the Ignition server. I believe we need to establish the communication on our company network first before we configure it for Ignition (Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50 Setup Guide – Inductive Automation Help Center)

Hi @mian.mohsin,

  • What version of ALEOS and radio module firmware are the RV50X running?
  • Please share your connection diagram with me.
  • What are the IP addresses of RV50X and your laptop on your network? Please share a screenshot of the LAN > Ethernet tab with me.
  • Additionally, if possible, please provide a template file with me.