Connect to RV50 Modem Through Firewall

Trying to setup RV50 sierra wireless airlink modem to connect with Ignition server.
Can ping and connect to switch 1. But cannot ping when on Ignition server.

What is the configuration that needs to be done in the modem so that it is accessible to the Ignition server.


Hi @sameer.ambegaonkar,

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Based on the description and diagram you provided, I understand that from the Ignition Server, you can ping to Switch 1 but cannot ping to RV50, is that correct?
Is the RV50 connected to switch 1 via LAN mode or WAN mode? Does the RV50 have VPN configured?
Please share the template on RV50 with me.


Hi @jerdung

Thanks for your reply.

While trying to upload I get message ‘Sorry new user cannot upload documents’
Is there any other way I can share the template and log files.

RV50 is connected to switch 1 via LAN mode. It does not have VPN configured.