Can't ping RV50 connected to my laptop through a switch

I’ve connected an RV50 gateway to my laptop through a switch. I am unable to ping the switch at the default IP address (, and the URL for AirManager is not responding ( Chrome indicates ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

I have tried both pinging and visiting in Chrome, in various configurations:

  • SIM card inserted & not inserted
  • external network cable plugged in & not plugged in to the switch
  • RV50 connected straight to Realtek USB-ethernet adapter (eliminating the switch in between)

Same symptom in all cases ( not responding to a ping, AirManager URL timing out).

The RV50 LEDs are in the following state:

  • Ethernet status LEDs are solid green/blinking orange
  • Power LED is solid green
  • Wireless tower LED is blinking green
  • Connection strength LED is blinking red
  • Data transfer/arrows LED is off

Here’s my network topology:

Windows 10 guest VM
MacOS Parallels host
Realtek GigE USB-ethernet adapter
D-Link DGS-105
Wall ethernet socket (port 3), Sierra Wireless RV50 (port 5)

Can anyone suggest where to start troubleshooting this?

I was eventually able to ping the RV50 through the following steps:

  1. Disconnect external network cable from switch
  2. Restart Mac/power-cycle everything

Not sure why it doesn’t work with the external network cable plugged in. It might be that some PC on our office network is running DHCP and assigning an unexpected address to the IP camera.