Ovewrite acemanager password through airvantage


I have a LS300 modem that have an old ace manager password that I can’t remember.
I tried to apply a template with airvantage to overwrite it but it fails and I get this message :
“failed to write data on the system [MSCI Error: 6 5003 msci]”

I don’t know what error 6 means. Can you help me please ?

Fw : ALEOS LS300 (

Best regards,
Dylan Lemasson

Hi dylan,

Please try to reset the device to factory default settings. Pressing the hardware reset button for 7–10 seconds.
Log in to ACEmanager.
Default user name: user
Default password: Printed on the device label. If the password is not printed on the label, the default password is 12345.
To enter Recovery mode.docx (257.6 KB)

Hi Donald,

Thank you for the documentation.
Is there a way to do that without reseting the modem ?
I don’t have the acemanager template and I don’t know the configuraiton inside. I need to get access to that.

(We installed 2 modems on a customer site years ago and one of the modem broke. I need to get access to the modem that still works to upload the same config on a new modem to replace the one that broke. Acemanager are password protected and the one in charge of this projet left our company.)


Hi dylan,

Please try to change the password gateway through Airvantage as below:
ALEOS/Admin/Change Password/Change Password