Applying password via template

I am rolling out some LS300 modems and I have set up a template using the AceMAnager template export, including passwords. Whenever I upload the template into a fresh modem, the user password is always the factory default after it reboots from the upload. Is there a way to include the password in the XML file so I don’t have to change that each time I roll one out?

Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if this is a bug in the “Include Passwords” check box or just a misinterpretation on my part.


Hi Steve,

There isn’t an option available to save AceManager’s password in a template. This is normal. As per the ALEOS 4.4.4 Software Configuration Guide:

“Note: The ACEmanager login password is not included when you select the Include Passwords option.”

The Include Password checkbox only saves the SMTP email password, SMS ALEOS Command password, Serial PPP password, VPN pre-shared key, and the like. If this option is not checked, then it will use any existing passwords and will not overwrite anything.