My modem not responding after download a sample code!

Hello to all
am using Q24PL002 modem, i just download an HELLO WORLD sample program into my modem through hyper-terminal , it was downloaded with out any error, and then i run the program by giving AT+WOPEN=1 command ,so from that moment my modem was not responding to keyboard strokes and for any thing :unamused: ,am just confusing what to do?

please help me guys

THANKS in advace… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not helpful to spam the same question all over all the forums!
Please go back and add links so that people can see that they are all the same, and not waste time giving a reply in one forum that has already been made in another!

Back to your question;

  • What is the status LED doing?
  • What do AT+WOPEN=2 and AT+WOPEN=7 tell you?
  • Are you able to see the debug Traces?

You might also like to take a look through the FAQ/Wiki thread on this forum: