AT# Commands



Can anyone please help me. I just started development using a Wavecom q2406b modem. I got 2 modems which were about 1 year old. We did the pc board design, software and the lot.

Last week I bought 5 more modems. None of the AT# commands seem to work. All I get back is “ERROR” I can not find any documentation on this change.




First make, at+wopen=1 and fire the AT# commands,

if it still wont work, then
Can you tell me what is the responses for the following commands




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Enter the command AT+WCFM=5 and check that the reply is at least:
+WCFM: 00000001.

The 1 indicates that the AT# functions are enabled. :smiley:

If all is set to zero :frowning: then you will probably need to enter the key to enable these functions.



Deer RiaanClasse,

It seems you received the modem without installed IP stack, which is usually the case when you do not specifically ask it. The IP stack is an OpenAT application. Turn to your distributor for help.

Stay tuned to your distributor because probably you will not get a new modem with the old edlib stack ( AT#) another year from now, only with WIPlib which has different commands. Although i have heard there is a simulated AT# with WIPlib, but that is very expensive.