AT# commands


Can anybody explain what is AT# commands and how to use it?

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What product are you using?

I think these may be custom commands on Sony-Ericsson devices?

This forum is (currently) Open-AT only - it doesn’t (yet) cover the (former) Sony-Ericsson devices. … .php?t=581

You need to consult your device supplier/manufacturer for details

Or they may be custom commands implemented using Open-AT - but, again, you need to consult your device supplier/manufacturer for details.

I’m using Q2406B with OS v6.55. The following documents give a possibility using AT# commands for GSM/GPRS: … tivity.pdf[/url] … ty-003.pdf … c.php?t=16

But for some reason I can get only ERROR response from any AT# command.

Thanks for advice.

Have you actually loaded the IP Connectivity stuff into your unit?

Well, I’m trying to find out a right way to check the series of my module. I bought it with “410” suffix, i.e. with Internet Plug-In. But how can I know for sure? Label shows only Q2406B.

Here is response on AT+WCFM:

+WCFM: 0006,0

+WCFM: 00000001

Thanks for advice.

Please check the following information


The right response from your Q2406B should be :
+WOPEN:2,“AT v3.10”,“AT v3.10”

If not this one, please contact who provides it to you.

If the response is right, please execute

AT+WOPEN=1 (to start the TCP/IP stack)

Now you can use the command of AT#

Hello Steven,

Thank you for reply.

With the help I found that only downloaded eDsoft.wpb.dwl library gives the possibility to use AT# commands. I guess Open AT STK should include this file along with other Wavecom Core Software. Unfortunately my 3.02 suite does not have it.

I’ve been playing with Open AT and already downloaded few simple applications. As you know after each new download you get “+WOPEN:2,“AT v3.10”,"AT v3.10”. I have only one module at the moment, but next time I’ll check +WOPEN in the first order. Another way to check eDsoft presence is AT#VVERSION. My module gives me ERROR since I bought it.

Thanks again!

You are welcome.

In fact, AT# is also a OpenAT application program which is included in the Q2406B when you buy it with M2M410. ONLY ONE OpenAT application is supported in Q2406B. So if you download your own OpenAT application program to the module, AT# program might be destroyed.

Please contact the distributor you bought Q2406B from for redownloading AT# program to it.


  1. The right procedure of downloading an OpenAT application should be

    1. Check the OpenAT application (AT+WOPEN=2)
    2. Stop the OpenAT application (AT+WOPEN=0)
    3. Erase the OpenAT application (AT+WOPEN=4)
    4. Download the new OpenAT application
    5. Execute the OpenAT application (AT+WOPEN=1)
  2. The two versions in the response of AT+WOPEN=2 MUST be the SAME.

Good Luck.:slight_smile:

Thanks Steven!

I’m really appreciating it!

Going to visit my distributor to get full version and reinstall software.