Regarding GPRS activation

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Could any body specify how to activate GPRS on a new raw wavecom modem using AT commands. I am new to this technology i.e., working with modems… i require set of AT commands used for GPRS activation. I am using airtel sim on my modem… the APN is

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There are examples at the end of the AT Commands manual


I am new to this module, and would like to implement connection to a server (ex. and issue commands to retrieve HTTP text.

I have been able to send SMS messages, however, I understand that this is over GSM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using “AT Command Manual for GR64 and GS64 Wireless CPUs” as reference, and wouldn’t mind reading additional information/application notes.



The easiest way is to use the Wavecom WIP library. This is available as either an application that provides an extended set of AT commands (i.e, AT+WIPxxx) that can be used from the AT command console, or as a library that can be compiled into your OpenAT application.

You will have to check with your distributor to see if your module is enabled for the WIP commercial feature, and for advice on the appropriate version for your module and firmware revision.

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Thanks Dave.

Unfortunately, I received this module as part of an evaluation pacakge from a third party who is providing very little support in that respect. After dissmantling the board, I found that the GPRS board is actually a WAVECOM G64, hence my plea for help :laughing: