How get data from remote device via GPRS


Hello people!

I want to ask you about my problem.

I have device (at slave mode) with LOG data (we are developers of this devices)
and I need to get data from device in to local Program for next operations with this one
And, I want to build scheme next type with Wavecom M1306B modems:
Device + GSM-modem(GPRS mode) + Internet + Program
Device should be answers only, if each requests from Program via Internet ( TCP/IP ) and via GPRS.

I want to use AT-commands only, if it is possible to without OpenAT.
Sail man (manager) - said me when it is possible.

Tell me please, How I can get access via Internet to my Device from our Program?
Device have RS232 port and serial binary data like Modbus (but only like, not Modbus)

I am beginner in GSM and GPRS thematics, but, I have deep knowledge of radiotechnics
Tell me please, how I can get data from remote device via GPRS (from Internet)
May be, are we can give me URL to any HOWTO?

I hope you can help me.

(…I`m from Ukraine, my native - Russian)



Hi veter,
You can use the RS232 to communicate with Wavecom M1306B modems. If you want to use GPRS connection via AT command, you can download the WIPtsoft from the Wavecom web and view the guide doc for detail.


Note that this will require your device to have a Public IP address…

Yes, it is possible.
You have 2 choices:

  1. Just use standard GSM AT commands - this means that you will not be tied to any particular make or model of modem, but you will have to implement your own TCP/IP stack;
  2. Use Wavecom’s WIPSoft - this embeds the TCP/IP stack in the modem, and provides extra AT command to control it. As trthaithong said, you can download the documentation to read about this.


The point is that the remote modem has to initiate the connection - there’s no reason why it shouldn’t initiate that connection direct to the receiving “program” (provided that program has a public IP address, of course).

Once the connection has been established, you can use FTP, HTTP, or devise some protocol of your own just using “raw” sockets - or whatever!

See also: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1931

That would be just an internet connection - no specific requirement for GPRS.


I see.
Tell me please, how I can send IP as data to E-mail or FTP… if I correct understand, is it me need to use any init-script?
I think next idea…
1 - init to GPRS established
2 - get dinamics (real)IP from GSM-provider
3 - any way to transmit IP via E-mail or FTP (this is method I want to see in examples (if it possible), me need help as any examples to see)
4 - wait request from internet and anwer transmit data to remoute PC

Am I right think my plans about way to communicate PC with remout device(via GRPS)?



What do you mean by “IP” here?

If you mean “Internet Protocol” - as in TCP/IP - then you don’t send it via email or FTP!

In this context, IP is the underlying protocol used by email, FTP, etc!

Assigning the IP address will be part of establishing the connection.
You don’t really need to know your own IP address!

For email, you will require an email client;
For FTP, you will require an FTP client;
etc, etc…

Again, you can either implement these yourself, or look at the WIPSoft documentation to see what it provides…


See: … n=internet

So follow the links, and view the presentation…