Communication between devices throug GPRS + AT command

Hi all,

My requirement is

  1. There will be one GPRS enabled (Q2686) MODEM at PC side (VB application).
  2. There will be another MODEM connected to Device1 through RS232 (UART1)
  3. Now both device will activate GPRS settings like, AT+CGATT, +CGACT, +CGDCONT etc.
  4. i want now to communicate with DEVICE1 through GPRS link.

Is this possible thorough AT commands not OpenAT application?

I have achieved this thing through OpenAT application, through TCP/IP.
problem in this scenario is , i required FIXED IP and PORT at server (PC based) application.
which is not recommended for my project.

Device 1 is a datalogger who wants to transfer data to server via GPRS.

please give me suggestions.


Why have a GPRS modem here? Doesn’t the PC have an internet connection?

Yes, of course.

You don’t strictly require a fixed IP address (or port) - but you must have a Public IP address.

But that’s the way IP addressing works - it has nothing specifically to do with GPRS!


thanks for replying awneil

i will explain my problem in detail.
what i am trying to do.

Actually i don’t know about IP networking as much.

i want to read devices(RS232 based) connected to MODEM UART.
for this i was dialing GSM (CSD technique) DATA CALL to particular MODEM .
when data call gets connected , i can directly access remote device through it (i.e. by V24 protocol i think)

now same thing i wanted to do in GPRS.
i think this is machine to machine (M to M) reading technique.
One MODEM at PC side will collect data through all other MODEM (connected to my device) through GPRS.

how can i achive this

i using this following commands.



should i use “IP” or “PPP”

please reply.
your help is valuable.


Your project relies upon IP networking - so you really need to do some foundational study on that first!

You didn’t answer the question: why have a modem at the PC side??