GPRS Gateway

I need a very simple application but I’ve never developed an Open AT application before.
I need to forward all traffic to and from a PLC connected to the serial port of a Q2687 modem to a remote PC connected via GPRS.
So my application should look very similar to the TCP server demo app but, when a connection is requested by remote, it should start to forward all traffic from GPRS bearer to serial port and all data from serial port to GPRS socket.
Moreover I must run this application on about 100 modems with 6.63 fw and I’d like not to upgrade everyone to a newer fw release. I’ve started to write something with an old sdk but everytime I compile an app, I spent more than 10 minutes to download it on the modem. Is it normal ?
Has anybody an example of something similar?

Hi Cristian,

10mins to download an OpenAT binary, which I believe is too long. Have you try downloading using Xmodem?

BTW, may I ask what kind of device was connected to the serial port?
I think WIP AT maybe the simplest alternate for your development, but which requires ability of sending WIP AT command from that device.

And I believe the best is to use latest FW available, 6.63 mentioned is too old and not sure if it is still supported.
You said you don’t want to upgrade the 100+ modems, but anyway you have to download your OpenAT application anyway. I think it is a good oppunities for you to upgrade the FW at the same time.

Hope this helps.

I do use XModem. What else can I use it? Maybe I should change my client. But what it’s very strang to me is that I download WIPSoft in less than a minute. and it’s file is bigger.

I have a low end PLC connected, a Twido, that is very hard to program because have very simple commands. At this moment I’m using AT commands but handling unsolicited events like disconnection, power off, loss of signal is not very easy with that PLC. So I’d like to switch to embedded app.

Moreover I haven’t a dev kit and i can’t use UART1 for debugging because is connected to the PLC.

Thank you lotam. After your answer I double checked and I’ve found that I was wrong: I was using Wavecom tool to download application.
Now I’m using XModem and it’s reasonably fast.
I was able to develope and test the application I need and now it’s running on the first 40 modems of my client.
It’s quite easy to develope on Sierra modems. Considerably easier than develope on the PLC trying to handle all events using AT command and +WIND events.

Thank you again