Problem starting ip stack

I am trying to open sockets with a Fasttrack Supreme GPRS modem. I correctly entered the PIN code and then tried to follow the examples from the WIP AT COMMANDS USER GUIDE. However, any at+wipcfg or at+wipbr command results in an error. Did I miss something in the initialization?


Are you sure that the WIP commands are installed?

I just plugged in the modem and tried the examples from the documentation, so they are probably not installed. I am experienced with other gprs modems but not with this one. Can you please refer me to documentation on how to install them? All I have is the CD that was shipped and I couldn’t find any reference to installing WIP commands.

You need to ask your distributor about this.

Im having more or less, the same problem, where i can find how to upload dwl file to the modem?


You specifically quoted me as saying, “ask your distributor - so have you done that??

my distributors are so slow, and have no idea what im talking about, unfortunatelly. they only know about… selling stuff… here in latin america is very difficult to meet ppl that really knows something.
i recently found (i was very lucky… i mean very very) in buenos aires, argentina one engineer who could lead me to the openat SDK. (also he didnt understand exactly for what is it, but…) you can picture, what im talking about.
here the ppl who learns something is because of their own.
like me for ex.


thanks and sorry for bother.

There is WIP plug-in. It supports Internet connections. For using OpenAT internet functions there is WipLib (WIP Library), so it works from the beginning. If you want to use AT commands like “wipcreate” you have to download the WipSoft program into modem with the help of at+wdwl command. You have to take it at yours distributor only.

do you have some finished examples of wip?

What do you mean by, “examples of wip”?

As Anjey explained to you, there is the WIP Plug-in for Open-AT applications (“WIP Lib”), and there is WIPsoft that gives you extra AT commands like WIPCREATE.

Which one do you mean?

I mean for both, I wish to learn but i dont know where to read, i need to open socket (i already know howto, in windows and linux but im really new in openat)
Thanks Very Much for your patience.

Read the documentation that comes with each of them.

I don’t know about WIPsoft, but for the WIPLib you need to read the Open-AT IP Connectivity Development Guide (WIPlib)
That is the complete documentation, and also contains examples.

Further samples are in your OpenAT\Plug-ins\WIP\2.00.12\WIP\samples folder.

There’s a presentation here: … ugin=TCPIP

ok thanks very much now I dont know wich one is te best for the fastrack modem

i do have to upload both files or only gcc one?
and what else do i need ot upload to the modem?

the readme files say that requires a wiplib libraries ,do i have to upload too?

do i have to upload gcc_wmwip_2. (12 MB) ?

Thanks Very Much