GPRS and serial data for Fastrak Supreme 10


I don’t have any experience writing “C” code but I have used AT commands to activate these modems where a datalogger does the AT+CGDCONT… and ATD99**1# etc. I have the developer kit because I went to one of the training courses on a recommendation for my work. So I would be able to use this to send the program to modems and troubleshoot if I had a base program to work off if anyone has one already written.

My task is to try to get the modem to stay connected to a GPRS connection and pass data over the serial port without the aid of an external datalogger supplying the dial commands.

My requirements are:

  1. Automatically connect to GPRS on power up.
  2. Stay connected at all times.
  3. Power down every “X” amount of time so that the connection could reset in areas of poor signal strength.
  4. Be able to pass data over the serial port to an external data logger - and have a selectable baud rate for connection to various types of datalogger.

We have an APN, so our IP numbers are static. Our telemetry software searches for the IP of the modem and then does the negotiation with the datalogger after that so it is mearly satisfying the 4 criteria above to get the project up and running on our “dumb” dataloggers.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has something like this running or examples that they could email to me that I could try on our system. I also wondered if this could be done via AT commands and without “C” programming.

Please feel free to email me anytime.

Much appreciated,
Gareth Gray

What would send the AT commands?

Currently we send AT commands using a terminal emulator to set up the modems for the more simple applications. But for a modem to go online by itself I’m guessing it would need a more complex program??

Indeed; that’s where Open-AT comes in: it allows you to embed the program within the modem - without the need for any other computer/controller/watever.

But this is embedded application programming - are you sure it’s a job for a non-programmer?

Would you like a quote?