Fastrack Supreme

I am connecting Wavecom Fastrack Supreme to a Mechine. So, i can send run time data/Status of that mechine to a server. for that i have to use the AT Commands to connect to the GSM/GPRS Networks, and transfer the data/files.
My question is i would like to eliminate the AT Cammonds, and implement the S/W to connect the N/W like GSM,GPRS and send the data ( Just like how we are using our mobiles ). Is it possible, by using OpenAT. Please give me suggestions and an idea to implement.


Yes, it is entirely possible!

eg, see:

You will need to obtain an Open-AT SDK (Software Development Kit) from your Wavecom distributor.
The SDK includes all available documentation - including sample applications.

You will need to understand the protocols & procedures for communicating with your machine.

You will also need to do some “system-level” design & development to decide how the data will be received by your “servers” or “back-office” systems, how you will handle the data, and how you will manage the overall system

Note that some design decisions may be affected more by commercial considerations than pure technical details; eg, the choice(s) between SMS, Data call or GPRS may depend upon the tarrifs available to you…