Help for Wavecom fastrack supreme 20

Hi all

I need help to start to develop my application.
In my scenario we have several uP-based node connected to internet using Wavecom fastrack supreme 20 GPRS MODEM.
I need that each node send the data in a server database and i want to connect to the node to control its activities thorough a internet web site.
My questions are:

  • Is the Wavecom fastrack supreme 20 suitable for my application
  • Do you have some AN or example to start? I am able to program my uP and to develop web site application.


The Fastrack Supreme is not a current device, it’s now the Fastrack Xtend (FXT001 ,FXT002 etc).

Do you already have the Supreme’s connected to your server?

You can run code in the Supreme/Xtend or just send commands from your uP (AT commands). Embedded code examples are available in the Developer Studio download. AT commands info is in the AT Commands docs. The docs are in the Developer Studio download too.

Hope that’s a start.