Fastrack Supreme for specific app



We are researching new hardware for our application and wondering if Fastrack Supreme can do what we want.

  1. Can it read from RS-232 device and send the data over GPRS?
  2. Can it use external sd-cart/mmc memory to save data and send it later?

What we need is the device that collect data from rs-232 port (1-wire adapter), save data to memory cart and send it via HTTP POST once GSM coverage is there.
Please advice if we can Fastrack Supreme for this task.



Probably a good time to go and chat to your local Distributor - they’re the ones who can give you local support…

All what you describe is possible - but there’s quite a bit of work involved…

ciao, Dave


Unfortunately there are no local distributors for wavecom. Can you advice any online distributor?

I know there is work involved, currently we build such devices from etrax cpu (100mhz) and separate gsm/gps modem.
However maybe Fastrack Supreme can replace both and cut costs. I just want to figure out if Fastrack is suitable for the task before getting test unit.

Can we have custom C app running on the device and talk to UART1 periodically and save data to internal flash (128K ?).
Also GPS data should be collected similar way. Open AT OS is capable to doing multiple things, right?

External sd-cart looks like a trouble here…can we use SPI? Is there any driver in the SDK to support SPI mmc/sd-card?



Find your nearest Distributor here:

Yes, as davidc says, it is all possible - but it will require you to put in a lot of study & development work.

Open-AT is a bit of a “paradigm shift” from “normal” embedded programming - so be prepared to spend some time getting up to speed.

Note that you can get a plug-in module (an “IESM”) for the fastrack that gives it a GPS receiver, and some GPIOs - including an SPI bus.


There is no RS-232 port if GPS extension in use. So talking to RS-232 and collecting GPS data looks like impossible task for Fastrack Supreme.
Please correct me if I’m wrong. … MiniNotice


If you use the IESM, it uses UART2 for its GPS - but UART1 (the “main” UART on the Fastrack) is still available.

You are wrong - see correction above!


Thanks for clearing this. Looks like Fastrack can be adopted for our app.