Need Product Advice on Wavecom



I am new to this forum, but very familiar with programming C.

I have a pretty high level question. I’m not sure which wavecom device I need to purchase. I am leaning towards the Fastrack Supreme based on limited knowledge.

I need to build an application that can record a keypress (5V signal) from a micro switch.

I would also like to be also able to send a signal 5V signal out that could be read by another device.

Can the Fastrack supreme be used in this type of an application? If not, are there other devices I should be considering?

I would also like to buy the Fastrack Supreme developers kit. I live in Canada. Anyone know where I can buy one and what the approximate price is?

Thank you in advance,



Find your local distrobutor here:

Then discuss your requirement with the distributor!

No, none of the wavecom devices provies a direct 5V interface.


Thank you for your reply awneil.

I contacted my local distributor and they recommended the Fastrack Supreme with the IESM Daughter Card.

Where do I go to download the Open AT software?

I am a member of this forum (garrywh1), but when I try to login to the Wavecom site with my forum user/password, it brings me to a page “Ho do I get a developer profile” . It then suggested I upgrade to a developer account, but when I do this, it says this user/login already exists.

I read that there is an Archive link where I can download the software and development manual.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction so I can start looking at examples (sample code) for my project?

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Yes, the “developer” login is separate from the “forum” login.

There is a ‘Contact us’ link at the bottom of the developer site - use that for help with your login.

If you can, I recommend that you get your distributor to come to you to demonstrate the stuff


I’ve had the same issue - I’ve tried contacting the webmaster to no avail.