new application for monitoring

I am interested in developing monitoring system for power condition at sites using Fastrack supreme. I am new to wavecom products. is it right product as it requireds about 16 digital input and 8 digital out put+ 2 analog input? number of sites will be in few thousands. how do I get connected to GSM GPRS/ SMS network to hanlde this data load? how do I can connect my server to GGSN or SMSC?

where do I get complete documentation for product as well as development requirement?


It sounds like you really need to talk to your Distributor about this!
Or engage a Consultant…

I would talk to distributer. My intention was to find out and understand what are possibility so that I can discuss it out with distributer. therefore I was looking for online documentation.


Your distributor would be able to provide that!

Alternatively, you can download it for yourself from the ‘Products’ page on the Wavecom website.
(you need to sign-in - but that’s free).