GFI Nerworks Server Monitor

Hey all,

I need this software to to send sms to a pool of mobile phones of any server or service downtime.

i have the Wavecom supreme fastrack 1.0 connected to COM1 and have done nothing else.

GFI attempts to send SMS alerts but fails - it looks like i need to do some config on the wavecom supreme.

forgive me if this is silly but this is the first time ever working with such a device.

I look forward to any response.

Many thanks

What software?

I’d have thought it more likely that you need to configure the software?

Doesn’t the Documentation give you any guidance?
What about their tech support?

Is a modem really the right choice for this? Wouldn’t an internet-to-SMS service be better?

yeah, let’s use internet->sms to report a failing internet connection :stuck_out_tongue:

but i agree that you porpably need to conifgure the GFI-tool
and /or find out what the tool expects from the wireless modem/sms-device


So the software, GFI Networks Server Monitor, is all configured and everything is working except the SMS texting.

And your probably right, Internet-to-text service would probably work better but the hardware was purchased several months ago so i have to roll it.

So i am wondering if i need to configure the GSM modem in any way?

I have noticed that i can enter a value for ‘initialisation String’ under the modem settings in the software - maybe i need to do something here?

Can you help?

You really need to be talking to GFI technical support about this - only they know how they require the modem to be configured!

or at least tell you what kind of commands should be inserted where.