Supreme 20 / USB / SMS

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A couple of days ago I got a Fastrack Supreme 20, along with its IO+USB module.

At first I thought the modem wasn’t working, as I went straight for the USB connection, and found my windows system not picking up any new hardware. Anyway, so I discovered I had to connect via the COM Port and run an AT command to activate the USB module. This is all working great.

We ran a test though, trying to do a live SMS Poll, while using the USB Port, SMS’s came in fairly quick, but suddenly the USB connection reset, and on my Linux server, the modem obtained a new device ID, and so my software no longer received the incoming SMS’s. This was only after 16 SMS’s.

I then set it up using the Serial Port, and we did another test, and received 74 SMS’s, and on my log there was some memory error, but these SMS messages were coming in fairly slow.

Can anybody provide some advice? It appears the USB option is the way to go, to get the nice speed, but I can’t have the USB resetting every time…

Also, does anybody know at what speed the Fastrack Supreme 20 can actually handle incoming / outgoing SMS’s? Like how many per minute or per second even?

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If you’re looking for large volumes of SMS, then a modem - any modem - is not the way to go!

You should be looking at a “Bulk SMS” or “aggregation” service - that you’d access via an internet link.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have any suggestions? What hardware would be needed for this?

Speak to your Wavecom Distributor - they should be aware of local service providers.

Also speak to your network provider.

Google for “Bulk SMS” and “SMS aggregation”

See: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3281&p=12295&hilit=+bulk+sms+#p12295

None at all!
(just a standard internet connection)

Thank you, I will see what I can dig up then. I appreciate it.

ChildOTK, 1 modem is not able to handle large volume of SMS.

A solution is to use multiple GSM modems. In order to work with multiple GSM modems, you need something like a SMS Engine –

Hope it helps.

I think a far better solution is to use a proper bulk SMS service - in terms of cost, facilities, and not having all the hassle of physically managing lots of modems, SIMs, power supplies, antennas, cables, etc, etc, etc,…

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your responses.

I have looked into different systems, but it appears that the service providers require us to use a short code, for US services.

The problem is the cheapest short code, being a randomly generated number, is $500 a month. This leads to a way more expensive solution.

As far as multiple GSM Modems, is there a way to have them working simultaneously with one phone number?

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Oh well - things must be very different there from the UK, then…

Do be sure to confirm the total cost, though - if the per-message charge is lower, it might outweigh the short code charge…

Or perhaps you could look at one of the UK providers - they certainly have international coverage…

It has nothing to do with the modems - the phone number is governed by the SIM.