Fasttrack Supreme 10 supported number of sms messages

Hi! I’m sorry if this has shown up in the forum before, but i was unable to find unfortunately.

Me and some friends are interested into buying a Fastrack Supreme 10 for some testing and perhaps using it into an application. The problem that we are facing is that we don’t know what number of sms messages does this device support per second(per minute).

An answer or redirection towards useful documentation would be of great help…

Thank you very much


I think the limiting factor is the speed at which the network will accept the messages - not the device that’s used to send them.

Usually, sending an SMS takes a few seconds; ie from hitting the Ctrl+Z to end the message entry to receiving the +CMGS: success indication.

You can speed the process of sending several messages a bit by using AT+CMMS.

If you are thinking of sending SMS messages in bulk, you should look to one of the services specifically designed for this purpose; they are accessed via an internet link - rather than GSM - so they will be much quicker and, probably, also much cheaper…

You may also find that sending bulk SMS from a “normal” SIM is contrary to the terms of the service…

I’not so much interested in the sending, than in the receiving part.

The experiment/application is not for sending bulk messages.
I’m concerned about how many messages it can handle to receive in an established period of time.

You didn’t mention that in your initial post

There are also services available for receiving high volumes of SMS - may be better than a mobile device?

Again, I expect this is governed more by the network than by the device itself. Also any processing of the messages that you may require.

Have you spoken to your local Wavecom Distributor about this?

I apologize for not mentioning.
I have spoken to the distributor, but the lady which handled my call told me she can’t say a number… i assume she doesn’t know :slight_smile:

We’re not interested in using another service, because we want to develop a service ourselves based on the carrier. I realize that the number of messages is limited by the network also. But i assume that the device has it’s limits also and i’m interested in knowing those, if it’s possible.

Thank you very much for the support until now.


I would rather assume that the unit is designed to cope with whatever the network can throw at it - so, again, it’s the network that’s the limiting factor!


Thank you very much for the support on this.

Have a nice day!

Hello, I need to send data from a microcontroller (that has RS232 interface) to a unit that can send SMS or transfer files through SMS. I can’t find any doc from the Supreme and extreme unit (besides of compliance docs etc…). Do you know if this unit can do the job and if yes, where can I find …by basrottier

It is strongly suggested to open your own thread as opposed to polluting an existing thread.

but this unit should be capable of doing that. you should take a look at the at-command pdf’s.