Speed of incoming sms's

I have a fast track M1206 but I believe this issue to be relevant to all devices…
I have written a good working piece of software that pulls off SMS text messages as they come in and deletes them. BUT…we are using the device and software in a situation where we’re getting approx 40 txts/SMS per minute!
The polling and speed of the comms with my current software does not enable this many txts/SMSs to come in quick enough - the SIM gets full up too quickly.
So, does anyone have any ideas of a solution?? I tried saving the messages internally on the device’s RAM but cannot access the messages that way - also, it only appears to have space for the same number of SMSs/txts - currently 20.
Any ideas?!

Are you doing this in an internal Open-AT application, or externally?

I have done this via serial comms in VB.net. Not the best I realise but I wasn’t aware that the M1206 would support the OpenAT system? Am I wrong?? I’d love to find out that I am!

Yes, I’m pretty sure the M1206 supported Open-AT - but it might be tricky to get hold of the appropriate versions of tools now… :angry:

If the modem can’t accept messages because it is full, I think the network will store them until they can be delivered (subject to the message’s expiry time)… :question:


Yeah the problem is that the texts are being sent during a live event - a polling/voting type system so we need the texts immediately really.

Any ideas of how to get the Open AT tools that I need?!?!

Thanks so much for your replies.

The problem actually sounds like a modem is not suited to this application at all!

What you really need is a direct network “bulk” SMS link - SMPP = Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol…? :question:

Modems are not designed for “bulk” traffic like this!

You would have to speak to your local Distriutor

However, as you’re talking about a long-obsolete device, they may not see yours as a priority enquiry… :frowning: