M1206B - starting out

Hi Everyone,

I am just starting to look at setting up an ‘appointment reminders by SMS’ gateway for our group of veterinary clinics and have grabbed a couple of M1206Bs off ebay to play with. I appreciate these are old modules but believe they will be suitable for us as simple ‘bit pipe’ modems to send and receive SMSs. As these are old modules I don’t see much development stuff available for them, although I have grabbed the user manual and I have been working with ‘AT Command’ devices (PSTN modems) since the 80s (although I’ve not done much for about 10 years!).

I anticipate we’d be hooking these units to a Linux server holding our master contacts database so can anyone point me in the direction of any simple I/O scripts that are available that would work with the 1206’s? In general, any other guidance would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Nigel Kendrick