Need a method to find out if i'm receiving a SMS

Hi All. As it doesn’t seem possible to send and receive SMS simultenously; i would like to be able to tell if the modem is receiving before i engage in the process of sending a SMS. I am using nothing else than AT commands. Anybody has a clue ? It is a real pain to deal with the modem (FX-100) when it is receiving stuff.

While we’re at it. Is there a way i could end that process if i consider it is taking to long? In reality, i want to be able to act when someone is sending a huge SMS to my system (which translates into many SMS).

It is such a basic thing, it has to be possible. I figure i must have overlooked something.



There is a unsolicited AT response that you can enable in the modem that indicates when a sms has been received. You can then poll the device for a list of the unread sms messages stored on the device.

Polling the unread messages will let you delete extremely long ( i.e the many messages from the same sender ) sms issue that you mentioned.

Have a look at the at+cmti and at+cmgl commands.

Ciao, Dave

Thanks but that is not what i am asking. I can do it all, send, receive, extract, delete, split, etc.

Key word here is “receiving”. Let me rephrase it all this way:

I want to be able to tell if the modem is preventing me from sending an SMS because it is already busy receiving one. And if so, i would like to know how to interrupt/cancel that receiving process at will.

Still i appreciate you took the time to reply.

How do you mean :question:

Can you explain exactly what problem(s) you’re seeing?

I don’t think there is any indication of this at the user level.

Anything with radio comms has to cope with link problems - so can’t you just retry on failure :question: