receiving SMS during call

I don’t understand why this modem don’t be able receive SMS during call active. I don’t show the +CMTI? there is a AT command can be activate SMS reception during calling?



Which module you are talking about and FW?

I have a similar Issue with Hilo V2.

During call, I want to recieve and read text messages.
I get my first CMTI, read my SMS - no probs.
When receiving more SMS during the same call, the module resets itself.
I am able to reproduce this behavier with max 4 SMS.
Different modules with FW 5.03 and 6.00 behave the same.

Using hterm and HiLo miniEval board:

14:08:09.629:			*PSCSC: 1, 10,, "+49684181abcde", 145, 0,,,
14:08:09.641:			*PSCSC: 1, 11,,,,,,,
14:08:10.740:			*PSCSC: 1, 13,,,,,,,
14:08:10.746:			+CRING: VOICE
14:08:13.860:			*PSCSC: 1, 14, 0,,,,,,
14:08:13.866:			OK
sending SMS
14:08:38.230:			+CMTI: "ME",28
around 14:08:40	AT+CMGR=28
14:08:40.640:			+CMGR: "REC UNREAD","+49176219vwxyz","","15/02/18,14:02:56+04"
14:08:40.657:			this is a test
14:08:40.675:			OK
sending 3 SMS within 5 secs
14:08:48.800:			+CMTI: "ME",29
around 14:08:49	AT+CMGR=29
14:08:56.658:			+KSUP: 0
14:08:58.076:			+CREG: 2
14:09:01.170:			+CREG: 1
14:10:07.511:			+CMTI: "ME",30
14:10:13.196:			+CMTI: "ME",31

Any solutions/suggestions?


today I´ve tested some more.
Sending messages each 10 seconds after recieving and reading the latter worked.
This gives a period of aproximatly 13 seconds - with a delay of 3 seconds between sending and receiving.
A period of 8 seconds seemed to be OK too. Going down to 6 senonds the module makes a restart.

Bug? Feature?


P.S.: Receiving and reading lots of messages in shot time while not in voice call works fine.

Are you being sure to wait for the Final OK response and the message reference for each message before starting to send the next :question:

The limiting factor on outgoing message rate is the network - 13 seconds sounds about right…

A mobile module really isn’t a great solution for bulk message sending…

First things first: thank you for the reply.

This was an unclear statement:

Sending was done from a mobile, the Hilo module is and was only the receiving end.
I had an indication when the message was read and then sent the next.
So: reading / indication -> 10s -> sending from mobile -> ~3s -> CMTI: -> reading / indication … - works
reading / indication -> 5s -> sending from mobile -> ~3s -> CMTI: -> reading / indication … - works
reading / indication -> 3s -> sending from mobile -> ~3s -> CMTI: -> fails

Even an added delay (first 0.2, later 4 senonds) between CMTI and reading made no difference.

News, bad news!

Module on Hilo Mini Eval Board (so no interferense from my application) was in call.
I sent 5 SMs from my cell phone to Hilo within ~3 seconds.
Module restartet!