HL7588 not receiving SMS?

I have a HL7588 which seems to have stopped receiving SMS but I don’t know why.

It can send SMS , and make TCP connections with the +KTCP[…] commands but it has stopped receiving SMS. (It was working for months.)

How can I tell if the problem is with HL7588 or my service provider ?

Hi lcard,

Could you please check your SMS storage if it was full? Use command “AT+CPMS?”.


The SMS storage seems to be empty:

+CPMS: “SM”,0,30,“SM”,0,30,“SM”,0,30



I’m not sure why, but I just received the last 4 days worth of texts.

The modem seems to be working again for now…

Hi lcard,

In order to determine this issue comes from device or simcard, next time you face this issue, please help to change another simcard and check again.


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Thank you. I will try that if/when it happens again.