SMS no error but not send

On my HL78 ( version HL7802., i try to send sms with AT command.
I’ve no error but the modem do nothing !

When i want to write a SMS on memory with the command AT+CMGW=“0612345678”, the HL78 say OK, but nothing in the list message ( AT+CMGL=“ALL” )

And when I try to send directly a message with the “AT+CMGS” command, I’ve a OK but nothing was send.

I try to change the message storage with AT+SPMS, but it does nothing.
The Service Center Address is correct.

For information i’m in SMS format text mode.

I’ve try the sim on phone and the sms works !

If you’ve got a idea…

Hi @philippe.surbayrole ,

I can send SMS successfully on the HL78xx version. log.txt (379 Bytes)
Could you please share with me the AT command log file?

Hi Donald,

Here the log file logSms.txt (288 Bytes)


OK, at last, I reflash my hl78 with last firmware and now it’s work.