Configuration SMS Delivery Issue

I am using the HL8548 module.
I have an issue when configuration SMS delivery.
I have tried to configure: AT+CMNI=2,1,0,1,0 .But cannot receive any unsolicited result code.

Can anyone please help me to fix this issue?

Best regards,

how about usnig AT+CNMI=2,2,2,1,0

Dear jyijyi,

I follow as you suggested, there is a URC code response “+CMT” after I send SMS. When I enter another phone into airplane mode, I still get the “+CMT” code.

This is not my target. Could you give me some suggestions?


can you attach your AT log?

Even I do face the same problem while working on page PenMyPaper. I face the SMS delivery issue while the customers ask for paper writing help. Is there any solution of it?

Hi @mdldipm4,
Which carrier are you using? (ATT, Verizon …)?
Are you send SMS in text or PDU mode?
Can you share “at+cpms?”