HL-7692 AT+CMGS returning operation not supported on SMS-Delivery PDU

Hello all,

In a past few weeks, I’m working on HL-7692 modem.

I Tried to send PDU for SMS-Delivery using AT+CMGS but returning:
+CMS ERROR: operation not supported.
While send PDU for SMS-Submit is success.


+CMS ERROR: Message-type non-existent or not implemented


+CMS ERROR: Message-type non-existent or not implemented


+CMGS: 27


+CMGS: 28

Are there any settings that need to be done for SMS-Delivery PDU type? Because when I use “10” or “50” (SMS-Delivery) as the first byte, the modem returning error.

Can somebody explain why if we using “11” as the first byte we will not get the Fetch, and getting fetch if we using “51” as the first byte?

Thanks a lot.

why must you use the SMS-Delivery PDU?
Normally you can just use 11 for the First octet.

Hi @jyijyi ,

Thank you for responding on my post.

I need to use the SMS-Delivery PDU because I need to send APDU command to the SIM and expected to have an acknowledge as returning data.
So, I can check whether the acknowledge (Proof of Received return data) from SIM are same as my expectation or not because currently I’m developing a test environment with this modem.

Are SMS-Delivery are not supported by this device? or is there any settings on the modem (through AT command for example) that able to activate SMS-Delivery function?

Thank you.

will SMS-SUBMIT-REPORT giving you an acknownledge?

Even I tried with some Qualcom module, if I set the first two bytes to “0010”, it would have “+CMS ERROR: 304”
no problem is found for the first two bytes to be “0011”

Hi Jyijyi,
I tried with SMS-Delivery not SMS-Submit.

Based on GSM 03.40 on Wikipedia, I found this:

SMS-DELIVER is used to deliver a message from SMSC to a mobile phone. The acknowledgement returned by the mobile phone may optionally contain a SMS-DELIVER-REPORT. When home routing applies, SMS-DELIVER is used to submit messages from an SMSC to another

Isn’t this mean that SMS Delivery can have the acknowledgement returned by the modem?

If Qualcom module returining +CMS ERROR 304, is it means that Sierra HL-7692 Modem are not supported for SMS-Delivery PDU? since as per my understanding, the first two bytes “0010” are used for SMS-Delivery.
Or is there any possibility that this error returned cause by wrong PDU format?

Thank you

HL7692 is using Intel chipset.
Just wanna show you that both Qualcomm and Intel chipset having same problem.
You need to find some other modem to verify if the PDU format is correct or not.