Wp76xx use sms function


i want to use sms command to send message
at+cmgf=1 (text mode)
at+cmgs=“phone number”


then I got error. cms error 350

btw I also want to use pdu mode

How can I use pdu mode to send message?

does this help?

hi @jyijyi ,

I don’t know what means cms error 350.


does your SIM OK to send SMS?

Have you tried other SIM card or other operator on this WP76 module?

Hi @jyijyi ,

NOW I can use SMS command but I have other question about
If I use " AT+CMGS=xx\r\n" then sometimes I will get error " +CMS error:304"

I don’t know why can you tell me?

do yo find problem in text mode instead of PDU mode?
error 304 means invalid PDU mode parameter…

I found this error in PDU mode.

Does it mean that can’t use in PDU mode?

you say that you get this error only sometimes, could it be some network issue?

I think it is command error, because I try to use “AT+CMGS=xx\r” then I didn’t get " +CMS error:304".

So my question is that the command can’t use “LF<\n>” ?

I use \r for all the AT commands