Create sms pdu

I want to send a sms pdu build
And I send it in to the module M2M Studio Q24Plus

You already have an example of how to do that:

Dear Friend
I told you in this thread viewtopic.php? F = 34 & t = 4251 & p = 27240 # p27240
source code does not work properly
And does not sent

And I told you, that’s as uninformative and unhelpful as saying,
“my car won’t go - what’s wrong with it”.

You need to give a detailed description of:

  • what, exactly, you tried;
  • what problem(s), exactly, you experienced - including any error messages and/or error return codes;
  • what you have done to try to resolve the issue.

If you can’t even describe the problem that you’re having, it is unlikely that you’ll be any more successful by just trying different code!

Have you spent time studying the ADL User Guide and the examples included with the tools :question:

Are you able to build a simple application to send a simple, text-mode SMS :question:

Have you looked at the Open-AT Tutorial: … ework.aspx

I worked OPEN AT
Send SMS in text mode and the project did
But I want to send a PDU

So take the supplied code as your starting point, and fix the “problems” that you find!

Or just adapt your existing Text-Mode code to send in PDU mode - in an Open-AT application, there isn’t much difference between sending Text & PDU anyhow…

tel me
how to send pdu mode
Just about

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

You should have enough to go on now!

If you want me to do your work for you, that will be chargeable.

What is chargeable to you?

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