SMS in a PDU format

Dear sirs
Help to understand with a problem of sending SMS of messages format PDU
In the program
s8 SMSHandle;
s8 sSmsRes;
ascii Buffer [140];
SMSHandle = adl_smsSubscribe (SMS_Handler, SMS_ctrl_Handler, ADL_SMS_MODE_PDU);
WM_STRCPY (Buffer, “07918350000005F131000C918350103254670008AA0С041F044004380432043504421A”);
sSmsRes = adl_smsSend (SMSHandle, NULL, Buffer, ADL_SMS_MODE_PDU);
TRACE ((1, " Send SMS: %d ", sSmsRes));
I receive sSmsRes =-2 and the message is not sent. Whwre is the problem.

Hi mlab,

I think your problem is the 0x1A at the end of your PDU message.

0x1A (Ctrl-Z) is only used to send a SMS using AT+CMGS command, not when using API adl_smsSend.

Try again without this 0x1A.