Problem with SMS sending


HI All,

I am having problem while sending SMS on the wavecom module .
i used the function adl_smsSend to send sms but there was no response

i used this function whose prototype is s8 adl_smsSend(u8 handle,ascii * smsTel,ascii *smsText,u8 Mode) as

EX: adl_smsSend(sms_handle,(ascii *)9982336677,“sms testing”,ADL_SMS_MODE_TEXT);

But it didnt work.
I doubt the second and third arguments format.

Plz help.


The phone number needs to be passed as a string:

adl_smsSend( sms_handle, "9982336677", "sms testing", ADL_SMS_MODE_TEXT );

Also, be sure to check the return value from the call, and the ensuing events…


Thank you awneil.The problem got solved.