[HiLo V2][FW6.00] dialing fails

Hello everyone,

since Mai/Juni we have HiLo V2 with Firmware 6.00 out in the field.
They are now showing a strange behavior, we have not encountered with FW5.03. Upgrating to FW8.00 does not help.
After a few MO calls the next and any further dial attempt fails.
Also it is impossible to get through to the module. No ringback tone, no “The number you have dialed …” but a disconnect after 5 seconds.

  • command to dial: “AT+VIP=0;D;”
  • only other command given every minute: “AT+CRSM=176,12258,0,0,10” to test if SIM is functional.
  • field strength change notification is active (AT*PSFSNT=1), the behavior shows even at -70dBm.

send from HiLo:

				*PSCSC:1,20,,,,,67,16,							<--- end of normal call
+30seconds	+CRSM:144,0,"..."
+60seconds	+CRSM:144,0,"..."
+60seconds	+CRSM:144,0,"..."
+30seconds	*PSCSC:1,0,,"068418177241",129,0,,,
+15seconds	*PSCSC:1,20,,,,,65,36,							<--- fail


  • why? (whats the meaning of parameter 36?)
  • how can I avoid this?

Thx Thomas


How you comes to know 16 is end of normal call? After this I can see ‘no carrier’…
Is it like you are getting the cause16 and just after that call failed with cause36? are you able to see any relation between these two causes or there is no relation between these two causes?


Hi Rex_alex,

20 means “disconnect by network”
67 means “Call Controll (protocol)”
16 is unknown to me since the cause is not in the AT Command Set (and no reference to a document explaining those)

but 16 is always given when disconnected by network.

65 is a “Local cause (protocol)”
it would be nice to know the detail (36)!

Thx Thomas