[resolved] connect 2 Wavecom Fastrak GO USB modems?

Hi All,

I just wanted to know if anyone already tried connecting 2 wavecom fastrack go modems to the same PC?

i am trying to use 2 modems for sending and receiving SMS connected to our server.
However, 1 modem connected works fine.
When i connect the second modem, the windows / Driver decides to re-use the already allocated resources for the second modem and striping everything from the first. i.e. comm port number etc.

Is there any workaround where i can have both modems connected and respectively using their own comm ports?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,

I’ve not used the Fastrack GO, but the Fastrack Suprememe allocates a new COM port number for each different modem - so you certainly can use many Fastrack Supremes simultaneously on the same PC!

I think you should stop right there and explain what, exactly, you are actually trying to achieve here.

If your server has an internet connection, it would almost certainly be far better to use that than a GSM modem of any sort…

Hi Awneil, ,
Thanks for your response.

Actually, I have an applicaiton that manages on-call services to our support technicians.
There is an emergency number (1) that is forwarded using the application to manage the forwarding based on a schedule predefined.
Once, the call forwarding is enabled for that user, an sms is sent to notify them that his or her service has started.

Till now, using this with 1 modem has been very successful. Management decided to ordere another modem and if you wish add another line to the server to manage another team.
When we connected the second wavecom,. it took the comm port. I tried via windows to change the comm port settings to use another port. but as i reconnected modem 1. it again took the new allocated settings and vice versa.

Seems that the device is being identified as one, even when using 2 different usb ports.

What do you think might be the issue?

Awaiting your response and thanks again for your quick response.


I think the fundamental issue is that a GSM modem is the wrong choice here!

With an internet link to an SMS service, you wouldn’t have to worry about any modems at all!

Probably be cheaper, too…

The problem isn’t the speed or cost of getting 2 of the same modems to work on a standalone PC.
it’s very simple and don’t need to go into all the details about cost etc.
there are 2 sim cards from 2 service phones. the function is to forward these calls for a specific schedule. the sms is optional and therefore not a big issue. How would you handle call forwarding from 1 phone to another over an internet link?

Awaiting your response.