Fastrack supreme 20 USB Driver for Windows Sever 2003/2008

Hi to all,

I can’t install my USB Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 20 GSM Modem to my Server. My OS is windows 2003/2008, i try to look for a USB driver but no luck! please somebody help me out!



Go to the wavecom home page and log in with your developer login (You might have to create a new login - the developer login is NOT the same as the Forum login).

Click on the Products tab.
Select your product from the list (Fastrack Supreme)
Click on the Downloads tab
Expand Drivers->USB Driver to find drivers for XP, Vista and Windows CE

ciao, Dave

The driver only supports:

and WinCE

but no Windows 200x servers

Hope you can assist further. Thanks a lot!

Why not use a UART connection (ie, a COM port on the PC) instead?

I will be using multiple Modems on a server but with limited COM port. Server nowadays usually provide a single RS232 port unlike before when you have atleast 2 COM ports. Nowadays, there were replaced by USB.

Is WAVECOM supplying a driver for Windows servers? Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks a lot!

What is your actual application?

Many (most?) times people come here talking about multiple GSM modems on servers, they would be far better off with some kind of internet connection.

If you explain what you’re actually trying to achieve, people may be able to make more appropriate suggestions

No problem there at all!

Multi-port USB-to-Serial adaptors are readily (and cheaply) available; eg,

or you can use a hub and multiple individual USB-to-Serial adaptors (paradoxically, this may actually work out cheaper!)

You can also get multi-port Serial-to-Ethernet converters (aka “Terminal Servers”) - although these do tend to be more expensive; eg,

Thanks for the 2 suggestions. I am using a particular application Alarmpoint by Invoq.

However, my concern is that the configuration of the application to connect to a modem is through how OS sees physical ports, this is as seen in Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT). This is, as i understand, how USB drivers works, like that of WAVECOM USB driver - masking USB as a COM port.

I think if with either Quatech or BlueHeat can mask the “remote” RS232 ports to be seen in the Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT) of the OS, the application (Alarmpoint) cannot access the modem afterall.

Would you know if I use Quatech or BlueHeat, they would work that way?


The other way to put my explanation is, at the very list, I must be able to see the “remote” RS232 ports if i execute HyperTerminal.

If Quatech or BlueHeat can make me see the RS232 in Hyperterminal, I believe the two can work for me.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you again.

Yes, they will appear to the application -any application - as COM ports.

You need to ask the application provider whether they need the modem to be installed as a “modem” or if just a COM port is sufficient…

Wow. That’s great. Thanks a lot dude! You were a great help!

No problem - where shall I send the invoice…?