Virtual COM port for Supreme 10 + IESM USB+IO?


Does anyone knows if the USB driver that comes along with the IESM USB+IO card installs a virtual COM port for the USB connectivity? The reason is because my software only communicates via COM.



It installs as a modem.

If you look at the modem properties in Device Manager, you can see the COM port number - and then you can use that COM port just like any other COM port.

Well, it worked for me on XP, anyhow… :smiley:

Thanks awneil, the User guide “IESM User Guide IOUSB-14march20072.pdf” was not so clear on whether there will be a COM port number. :smiley:

By the way, is it necessary to issue AT+WMFM=0,1,3 everytime the modem boots up? :confused:

Check under ‘Parameter Storage’ in the command’s description in the AT Commands manual

I have the “wavecom wireless cpu” modem attached to com 20, but this com is not listed in the serial link manager or in the setup of “direct cable connection” (win xp pro)
they are other settings to apply?


If you open Control Panel in “Classic” mode you would see WAVECOM SerUsb, where you can change that port number.
Anyway, remember that this port would not be active until the Fastrack is not conected to the USB port and running. You would know it by the typical Windows “bing”.

sorry but I found no way to use usb for debugging (using it for developing)
in attachment you find the configuration dialogs where is shown that the port assigned to usb modem is not available for serial link utility