Getting Data

Hi everyone,

I am new to wavecom products. I recently just bought a FASTRACK supreme 20 + IESM IO+USB. My main objective is to capture data from sensor (e.g temperature and light intesity sensor) and use the GPRS connection established by the modem to send the data to a database.

Currently, I managed to established the GPRS connection without any problem. But so far I cannot seem to figure out how to capture the data from the sensor. I was thinking of using the IO port for the IESM IO+USB. Is this solution possbile or is there any other feasible solution.

The main program I am using to create this project is Visual Basic 6.0

Thanks in advance


That would depend entirely on what sensor you’re using, and what interface it provides!

It would have been sensible to have discussed this with your Wavecom Distributor before you committed to buying the Fastrack!

The specifications of the IESM’s IO ports are given in the IESM [b]Product Technical Specification /b - you need to review those specs and see if they can meet the requirements of your sensor(s).

In that case, you will be communicating with & controlling the Fastrack using AT commands - so you will need to study the AT Commands Manual (“AT Commands Interface Guide”)

Can you share the gprs code with me, as I am currently working on it.My application involves reading data from GPS, for that iam using UART2.

thanks. I’ll review it and see what i can do about it

I connect to the GPRS by following the guide in the manual. No code is needed as it uses the connection settings provided by windows

can you please post in the manual for GPRS connection? cause im trying to do it also. thanks